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Guest post: ask your readers – what are the key five principles of blogging?

Phil Clark started  the blog Zerochampion in February 2007 and focuses on one one particular community – that of sustainability. He also cultivates a Twitter following with his sometimes ironic Tweets  (disclosure: and is a colleague).  Here he has asked his readers to answer the … Continue reading

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What you should do if you think your blog post has been reproduced without adequate credit or links

It was a Tweet that alerted me. A post from this blog appeared to have been reproduced on another blog without adequate credit or links. Within 24 hours, I had resolved the issue but, in the process, reassessed some of my core values. So … Continue reading

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The 10 questions I ask myself before I publish any blog post

I used to publish my blog posts immediately after writing them. Now I write, save, reconsider, save, rewrite, save, sleep, wake…oh, and then publish. The more time I build in before publishing a post, the more visitors I get to this blog. … Continue reading

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A list of UK bloggers and Twitterers who are beginning to rival their US peers for my attention

Six months ago, my daily fix of blogs and Twitters originated in the US or Canada Whether it was Jeremiah Owyang, Jay Rosen or Mark Potts, their posts and Tweets provided me with a swift and fascinating education in both new and … Continue reading

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A list of counterintuitive behaviour that will improve your use of the web

Traditional media people – journalists, marketers, editors – are just like other professionals. They do the same things in print and via emails year after year because of intuition. Success came about by hoarding the content broadcasting to the users expecting a response … Continue reading

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Five online skills you must master BEFORE you start a blog

 When did people mistake blogging as a platform from which to mouth off their opinions?  As a result of being asked to read one too many this week, I am launching a new two-part campaign. Five online skills you must master BEFORE you start … Continue reading

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Short break from posts – I am away in England’s Lake District

Sorry about the break in postings. Again, away visiting family in England’s Lake District which is famous for its mountains and lakes. We certainly enjoyed the spectacular scenery today. In a day or two, I will be publishing a guest … Continue reading

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