About you


My primary community

digital achievement dayThe core of my readers are my colleagues at work – UBM Live, a B2B exhibition company. I work with sales people, marketers and journalists, many of whom have run and developed successful businesses for many years. Each and everyone of them has already taken the first of many steps into their digital future.

My secondary community

mosaic-of-peopleA blog does not sit in isolation. The sheer power of the Wordpress platform, plus my other social media, thrusts this blog into a far wider community of social media marketers and PRs and new media journalists. It is a vibrant group, exploring the new technologies and pushing the boundaries.

Catching up fast, however, are those in traditional media, like my colleagues, family and friends.  They do not see social media and social networks as cool kit to be played with but rather really useful tools with which to interact with their well-defined communities. Once they overcome their prejudices or lethargy, they swiftly operate in this new world with a focus on commuunity and ROI of which social media gurus would be envious!

A bridge between worlds

I certainly hope to be a link between these two, rapidly converging worlds. I have been a traditional journalists on B2B magazines and newspapers for 20 years, 14 of them as an editor of three different titles and ending my editorial career as PPA editor of the year in 2005. I then focused on digital, becoming the publisher of a website and now the digital director of this company.

But remember,blogging is two way. Both my colleagues and the wider world are much more important to me for the access they give me to a wide network of people full of ideas and opinions than as mere readers. This linked, collaborative, networked world is the essence of blogging. You, the readers, are my editors and my teachers. It’s great!

Who are you? What do you do?

What take do you have on the changes taking place in media? Leave me your name and a link to your blog as a calling card.

How to follow, friend or contact me

You can follow my postings by signing up for email alerts, or through an Rss Feed, or follow me on Twitter or FrendFeed. I am really strict on the latter two and will only follow or allow you to follow me if

  • you are in social media/PR or new media journalism
  • regularly update both with good, juicy stuff, not just links to your blog postings and
  • you keep Tweets about your personal life to a minimum

You might be the most amazing person in the world, but if we do not share a community, there’s not much point in follwoing eachother!

Or email me.

2 thoughts on “About you

  1. Fiona Flynn

    John – we decided in class that your blog is quite easy on the eye – a good thing. Not too cluttered. We couldn’t work out what the most recent twitter thing was about though. It looks like it’s for regular followers.

    Ciao bella

  2. Stanley Ruben

    Hi John,

    Its really a great approach of having a collaborative method of syncing the two worlds and taking it completely Digital. Wish you all the best.


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