Make sure none of your brand’s future social media profiles can be stolen

robber1Do you remember when you were about to launch a new website for a magazine/exhibition/product?

You found it easy to name because you just took the existing brand and dotcommed it. Then you discovered that the name had already been pinched by a “company”. Your only resort was to add some meaningless phrase to the brand so as to avoid the expense or time to get your name back. You’re still annoyed five years later as all your brand-centred SEO is so awkward. 

That was then, what about now?

Now you are planning your brand’s social media strategy. You decide to launch a LinkedIn group, after research of your users, winning over your colleagues and organising resources. You go to set up the group and, goddammit, find that the name you wanted is already in use.  Worse still, you find that some of the key thought-leaders in your sector have already signed up to the group thinking it was you.

You don’t have much recourse. You cannot complain to LinkedIn unless it is your exact brand which has been replicated. Even then, have you actually tried to contact some of the social media providers? And, were you to be successful, are you really going to contact those covetted members and say they joined the wrong group?

Just one resolution

If you are going to make one New Year resolution, you might make it this – sign up your brand now to as many potential social media sites as possible (and make a record of the passwords!). You might never use the vast majority of them. But make sure none of your brand’s future social media profiles can be stolen.

Photo credit: Richt

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