I am offline for a week – the first time in five months!

As I go on holiday tomorrow morning, I am about to take my SIM card from my Blackberry and put it in an old mobile phone, shut down my laptop- there’s only internet cafes where I am going – and pack two and half books to read. I am going to be offline for a week.

Only recently, I asked whether I am addicted to the web. My brother put it to me yesterday that all this social media actually “rewires the brain”. My partner thinks there is not much difference between my constant Twittering /blogging at home and my ten year-old nephew’s obsession with his PSP Playstation which his parents constantly have to drag from him.

So, here I go, just about to turn it off….and yet I won’t find out what happened when Robert Scoble met up with Jeff Jarvis at the Frontline Club at 7.30 this evening. I have just noticed a comment from a concerned person warning Jarvis that the club is closed.  

And my community on Twitter is growing so nicely, the more I block people the quicker it grows. And Peter Kimkeeps pushing my list of companies using social media to market themselves in the UK. And I have leapt up to around 165,000 on the Technorati rankings. And, after 190 postings in five months (some truly dreadful), I am only just beginning to find my voice.

No, it’s off! And These Digital Times will be all the better for the break.

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