Live blogging from the Future of Social Social Media conference – Jia Shen, RockYou at 12.20

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Now Jia Shen from RockYou. Use viral campaigns to push social netoworking but before you do that evaluate and understand the difference between social networks.

MySpace is going really well but Facebook as well, the former for youth, the latter for 25+. Social networks are no different from websites. What is the context?

The problem is that Facebook might be the biggest network in the world but that does not provide the right metrics for an advertisers. So this is where the apps for social netoworls fits in to define users. How do you market them?

  1. Case study 1. Our Sweeney Todd application – in one of the top 50 – banners etc but also a quiz. “What is your favourite Jonny Depp movie?”
  2. Case study 2. A campaign for CBS – again a competition pushed through a viral campaign within a social network. Friedns come back to participate.
  3. Case study 3. Gap campaign using viral campaign yet again but within Facebook – a “share with friends”, like small buttons that your circulated to your friends.

So why application takeovers within social networks generated the metrics? Rubbish click-thru rates for social networks but a lot better when you combine with a viral/sponsorship/quiz raises clicks from 0.5 to 30 per cent!

Two conclusions

  • Marketing is just like any other website.
  • USe viral to push click throughs within social networks.
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