Live blogging from the Future of Social Media Conference: 9.00-10.00am

Delegates arrive through an autumnal London and gather for coffee and croissants.

James Drake-Brockman, Internet World director and organiser of the conference welcomes guests and introduces out first speaker.

Futurologist Ian Pearce kicks off the conference.

  • Future power will be web-based. If you are one in a million you can find 5 million people like you through the web and work with them to lobby government.
  • The Stepford Society making it almost impossible for generally law-abiding people to commmit an offence. Leads to an anti-tech backlash – law-abiders are in a digital prison while the criminals are outside.
  • By 2012, there will be a massive backlash from people not prepared to do it – “we are heading towards a 1984 society”.
  • Ian Pearce and James Drake-Brockman

    Ian Pearce and James Drake-Brockman

    Where is IT going? – “I no longer carry a laptop since my iPhone achieves all I want”. Rapid obsolescence means we fill landfill. Let’s hasten the process and get to a greener place quicker. He uses the example of electronic jewellery where 10 gms of kit is replaced by a 1gm piece of kit. The only people slowing it down are environmentalists.

  • Everyone will start wearing electronic jewellery. Yours can speak to his or hers and we can develop our own web. It reflects what happens in nature.
  • Display evolution will mean displays directly through contact lenses. We will just have to manage the data so as not to overwhelm.
  • We see very few websites that are like the real world. It means you can get people to visit art galleries who have never visited won. Take it further. Artifical Intelligence (AI) is moving so quickly that you need to stop designing your products for humans but rather AIs.

Questions Do the Darwinian predictions of the book iBrain hold true? Yes, companies that do not keep up deserve to die. Is there an equilibrium between production and progress? You need to be competent in several realms – physical, and virtual.

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