Live blogging from the Future of Social Media conference – TripAdvisor’s Martin Verdon-Roe at 11.15

Martin Verdon-Roe from TripAdvisor is up next.

Many speakers have been mentioning the “net promoter score”  which equals the percentage of promoters mapped against the percentage of detractors. Martin maps the high street banks and supermarkets. He uses TripAdvisors’ own ratings for the hotel in which the conference takes place. He advises people to track the ratings where your company ranks best. Garden it and increase customers but do not oversell what you cannot deliver.

Drive conversations online as well. Ad campaigns drive conversations online, even after the campaign had ended because the forums that had been created had a life of their own. It also means you can influence the research behaviour both before and after a campaign. While the campaign was live, there was an uplift in traffic. but using social media is very difficult – “start small and try lots of options – we have had three big successes out of seven”.

Test and trail applications. He uses the example of his CEO going on to Facebook to discuss a campaign if things go wrong. You need good analytics to be able to make a social media campaign successful. As Facebook and MySpace grow the opportunity grows as well.

Our successes

  1. Map your route  – where you have been on holiday for Facebook but also show where they could go. Ten million installs and 1/2 billion pins inserted. The next application is called “Local Picks” where people can recommend restaurants. In seven months, 1.4 million ratings. Allowed us to break into new market.
  2. Traveller IQ – you pin as close as possible to on a map in response to a question.  Questions have become user generated. Over 125 games played and installed on 2,000 third party sites.
  3. Hoteliers – managers are encouraged to go in and respond to reviews online, learning from poor reviews and make adaptions. As a manager, you can then draw themes from the criticism and track it. Researched consumers whether it was right for TripAdvisor to do this but the majority saw it as a positive function.
  4. AirTran – a small, US air service encouraged their customers to vote as to where they wanted there offices. It allows them to build there business.

So lessons

  • Don’t expect overnight success
  • New metrics necessary outside comfort zone
  • Don’t build, use partners
  • Dedicate staff to eat
  • Find advocates online to drive ROI
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