Live blogging from the Future of Social Media Conference – Rohit Bhargava at 9.50am

Rohit Bhargava, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy & Marketing
Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence and influential blogger, is next up focusing on marketing – “Counterintuitive

  1. Virtual trust trumpets all. How do people trust eBay? Because of the feedback functionality. So trust between people can now be measured through metrics ie links on blogs.
  2. Spokespeople are accidental. Are you finding the people who feel passionate about your product and giving them the opportunity to express that. Take note: you can no longer choose your spokesperson.
  3. People don’t ignore marketing. He got 100 athletes at the Olympics to blog. He wanted to prove that people do not ignore marketing. What they ignore is irrelevant or boring marketing. If it is relevant, the fact is marketing is incidental. He uses the example of the Blendtec advertisement. He goes on and on about his blender but at least we know he is marketing to us.
  4. Transparency doesn’t matter. Authenticity does not equal transparency. His example is James Dyson, of bagless vacuum brand. Are we doing more than just a list to tell people what the brand is about?
  5. Engagement is replacing impressions. Just spending time on a site is not necessarily a good sign. A long time on a home page might show a lousy design. So just measuring impressions or times on site are a good metrics but “better to get to the right 50,000 than the wrong 5 million”. So we need to get better at telling our company boards that quality should overcome quantity.
  6. Marketing is customer service. Comcast is not particularly popular company in the US. But Frank Eliason, an employee, started a Twitter allowing him to solve customer problems. His Twitters have been the best marketing for Comcast.
  7. Failure is an opportunity. Rohit shows the fail page of Digg. It happens only occasionally but they use it as an opportunity to list some of their story lists. It can only work if you do not fail that often.
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One Response to Live blogging from the Future of Social Media Conference – Rohit Bhargava at 9.50am

  1. Rohit says:

    Thanks for the great recap and for live blogging this session. Hope to meet you later today, perhaps at lunch or for drinks after the event.

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