Live blogging from the Future of Social Media Conference – Kevin Eyres, Linkedin at midday

Kevin Eyres, MD Europe of LinkedIn, is up next.

“Blue shirt nation” is a bit of kit run by Walkers Crisp to find out form sales reps what is likely to sell most. So use your own staff as a community.

He also mentions the Institute of Directors (IOD) which ran a networking group that did not work. But when the IOD set up closed LinkedIn group, it worked very well. It made IOD look forward thinking using LinkedIn and also allowed for a far wider network.

Sorry, Wifi collapsed at the best bit – Live blogging is great but not without its problems.

Context, the mix and how to measure success. Communities – a new opportunity, your co-workers or your customers. Listen, learn and engage.

People growing up today do not have the concept of “digital”. Instead it is innate for them to work within social networks. So it will change the way we work.

So last piece of advice is participate – how do you learn from it, do it yourself!

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