Live blogging from the Future of Social Media Conference: Jane Copeland, at 12.45pm

Jane Copeland,

If your video or your ad is good enough, you can compete against big brand names that you could never compete with on TV, for example.

The two worst enemies of the web advertising is that “if I go to look at a Star Wars ad’, I am just not going to take in the price of a flight”. Social media marketing is content for “free” advertising -distributing by itself. Some is better at it than others – ie video is great for embedding, such as YouTube and Vimeo.

But Jane gives some warnings. Make sure you do not do something that Google sees as spamming. Use someting like Stumbelupon to get your blog posting or whatever on it. It means that the right people see your information.

  • One word of advice is embedded video, such as Vimeo. Your social media profile will help you up the search engines.
  • Get involved with the “linkerati”, the leader bloggers with their enormous number of links out. Appeal to that sort of person. Find out who in you industry has that kind of profile.
  • Social news outlooks are key as well.
  • Word of mouth – “offline word of mouth”.
  • Twitter, of course, but it does not help SEO.
  • Most successful social media campaigns keep paying off, with traffic coming back in a later wave – “once piece of content keeps on bringing in traffic”.
  • Social media reasctions are easy to track ie Google blog search and Twitter SEO.

So remember, think how search engines see this and work out how to use it. Some good campaigns are and

And don’t think that any company is too boring to use social media. Jane mentions insurance. Use Stumbleupon to find out what companies like your own done with social media. Find out what others have done in boring industries.

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