Live blogging from the Future of Social Media Conference: Cesar Mascaraque, at 2.30pm

Cesar Mascaraque from, used to work for Google.

What has been happening in search over the past 10 years during the growth of social media?

There used to be humans editing directories for people’s search. But, as the web grew, so robots were created to scale what humans had done. But the content was not sufficinetly specific, returning everything. So a solution had to be found, one that cut down choices down to smaller selections. Without such work, it would have left a search result surrounded by too many links.

So what is search doing – trying to understand the impact of social media and the semantic web.

“I normally look at our log files at the end of each week. It gives me an idea of what is hot”. One of the top search items is social media. 112 activie blogs, 10 billion videos views a month. But are we ranking it adequately?

Along with social media, for example, comes the social graph that is social media allows search engines to udnerstand users’ better adn find what they want more efficiently. The better the search, the greater the opportunity for growth in revenue.

But problems are

  1. There are no common standards by which social media is being built.
  2. The social networks are closed gardens, not letting people in.
  3. Privacy issues – people are concerned that their private information is not safe.

Questons: Which social networks can you access? Certianly no Facebook.

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