Write a post about poverty on Blog Action Day 2008

It’s Blog Action Day 2008 on the 15 October, the day after tomorrow. The organisers have asked all bloggers to write a posting about poverty on that day whatever the subject of the blog. “Posting on-topic”, the organisers say:-

The best thing a blog can do is to keep their post on topic. Audiences visit our blogs because they enjoy the style, personality and topic of the site. So it makes sense that the best way to get through to these audiences is to use the style, personality and topic to talk about Poverty. For example:

  • A Design Blog might analyze a set of charity posters and how they convey their message
  • A Tech Blog might look at pro-poor technologies and projects like 1 Laptop Per Child
  • A Political Blog might examine the relevant agendas of leading candidates
  • A Business Blog might discuss how businesses can utilize ethical practices to boost their bottom line
  • A Personal Blog might document a personal activity of the blogger that is helping the disadvantaged
What am I going to do? I am going to encourage all my colleagues at work who now blog to join in. That is:  Anthony Hildebrand (security); Rob Enslin (digital); Grahame Morrison (kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms); Matt Parsons (travel); Mark Turner (publishing). A B2B company like our own covers so many different business sectors that “posting on-topic” should make the range of postings fascinating.

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2 Responses to Write a post about poverty on Blog Action Day 2008

  1. abeen says:

    Let’s fight against poverty not only in Nepal, but in whole world,



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