Technorati and Pew surveys contradict eachother

I am sitting here confused, and to be honest rather angry.

Yesterday’s Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008 got me really excited with its claim that over three quarters of internet users read blogs. I even wrote a posting about it. Then today ReadWriteWeb posted a Pew survey that showed a mere 11% of people who used computers at work read blogs. Even if one survey refers to the total population and the other to those in work, the difference between the two is somewhat alarming. As I asked in a comment on ReadWriteWeb’s story:-

Does one believe one, the other or neither?

I was not alone. Three hourse later Matt Lee of the Hill Library Blog made an even better comment to the same effect:-

I’m with John: confused. We have to be careful about taking the source into account, I think. Just a couple of days ago (9/15), Read Write Web discussed another study (from a social media company) that said “75 percent of employees are already using social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn for business purposes.” That seems totally at odds with this Pew data, if I’m reading both correctly. And a little suspicious, too, especially coming from a social media firm. Technorati also has a vested interest in putting blogging into the mainstream. The Pew, I don’t think, has anything to gain one way or the other. I’d put my trust with them.

So why am I angry? Simple really, neither the Pew nor Technorati has bothered to explain how such a contradiction could arise. And where is ReadWriteWeb on this. Come on guys, I say, get your act together. We bloggers want the blogosphere to be blooming. But we certainly don’t want to be part of the misinformation. Get onto your keyboards and give us an explanation.

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2 Responses to Technorati and Pew surveys contradict eachother

  1. Matt Lee says:

    Hi John, thanks for pointing out this discrepancy, and for asking RWW for their thoughts. This issue is something we at the Hill Library (a business research library) grapple with all the time. There’s tons of business research out there, even for free online, but when your business is on the line, can you trust it? For our thoughts on the matter, you might visit a post on our blog called The Motivation Behind Free Internet Research:

  2. JoeMedia says:

    Seriously… Are you that far behind? Those numbers are actually aged. Both Universal Mcann and Microsoft came out with similar numbers back in June pointing to a usage of 78%+ of internet users on blogs.

    Also, Pew Report, who cares…!?

    Technorati is sitting on more data than Google in the blog space. Not much of a contradiction considering your bush league citing of the pew report.

    I expect more from you Welsh.

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