Zemanta – what is it like to use?

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 Ever since I stumbled into this amazing linked in, collaborative world of blogs and social media, I am eternally looking for aggregators –  aggregators that bring all my digital activity together, like FriendFeedfor example.

So it was with delight that I read about upgrades to Zemanta in this morning’s ReadWriteWeb. It describes it thus.

Zemanta, the blogging tool which harnesses semantic technology to add relevant content to your posts, has just released a major upgradeto their service. This new release allows you specify the sources you want to see in the suggestions list that Zemanta provides. You can now incorporate your own social networks, RSS feeds, and photos from your Flickr account into your blog posts. This makes Zemanta a lot more appealing to established bloggers who are in less need of suggestions and more in need of automation.

Well it has been a tough evening! Let me reiterate the problems:

  • the download is easy enough but one simple step is missed out – that once the programme is downloaded, you needed to go to the dashboard of your blog to see the “tick” icon. I spent some time trying to work out why is was not working when it was on my site already!
  • I managed to input my email address inaccurately. Unfortunately the function to correct your email or even to ask Zemanta for a reminder of your password is not yet available. “Next week” I am told!
  • When you make the links to Facebook or MyBlogLog or whatever, it has an annoying habit of not saving it.

But a big BUT. Don’t be put off for these reasons.

  • when I emailed the help desk, I got the most extraordinary response including a minute-by-minute guide from operations manager Marko Mrdjenovic using Skpe’s instant messaging.
  • I cannot praise enough what is happening as I write this. Zemanta is feeding me links to sites I am mentioning but also offering up illustrations.
  • It gets better. I have input several of my groups from Facebook, MyBlogLog and Twitter. If I mention anything that aligns with their profiles, it offers up them as well, suggesting links.
  • Oh, and Zemanta also fills out the tags for you!

Frankly it looks amazing like it is going to be amazing. Get downloading!

PS And if my future postings look somewhat over-hyperlinked, sorry!

PPS For all those non-web designers, programmers reading this blog, Zemanta is a lot less easy than Sweetcron.

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1 Response to Zemanta – what is it like to use?

  1. I’m glad to have helped. We’re still working on feedback when adding accounts on Facebook, MyBlogLog so feedback shouldn’t be a problem – we do actually save the data but it won’t show up until properly processed which does take a minute or two. I hope you find Zemanta useful – if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to write them up on your blog or at getsatisfaction.com/zemanta.

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