Cool function when commenting on the Skype blog!

How cool is this? When you go to comment on the Skype blog, you do not leave your blog’s URL, as is normal, but your Skype name which clicks through to your Skype profile. Nothing too unusual in that but it also display the call icon and even your SkypeMe status icon – that is whether you are available for a call or not!

Skype's comment functionality

I like this integration between blogging culture and platform. But it underlines yet further the issue that I raised in an earlier blog about the etiquette of using Skype. Then I asked what was the etiquette of making B2B calls if people’s workstations were on all day.

Skype’s blog raises yet one more question. Let’s say you see a comment on a Skype blog and are sufficiently enthused to respond. But instead of adding a comment to a post, you press the call icon of someone you do not know. You are not supposed to contact a blogger directly but use comments to do so. So what is the etiquette if you Skype a blogger?

What is the etiquette for B2B Skype phone calls?

PS  I promise not to write about Skype again for a while!

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1 Response to Cool function when commenting on the Skype blog!

  1. I’m glad you like it – notice that the status icon link doesn’t call the blogger or commenter straight away, but instead displays their Skype profile.

    Requiring people to sign in with their Skype name also has the beneficial side effect of dramatically reducing the number of spam comments we get on our blogs, too.

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