What is the etiquette for B2B Skype phone calls?

I have always loved Skype. It is free! It is video! It is like being in StarTrek! What more could you want? So on a recent business trip to the US, I thought I would encourage my new contacts to sign up for Skype and start talking to each other not on email, not on conference calls but face-to-face online.

What is the etquette, however, for these B2B calls? In family-to family or friend-to-friend, you almost always need to make a quick phone call to alert the other person. “Get on Skype” is the command to open up the laptop and get talking. But the office is different.

People often have their laptop/computer booted up all day.Unless the user remembers to click on the various Skye icons indicating the readiness of the person to speak, you can easily interrupt a  meeting at a desk or a train of thought. Perhaps the solution is a quick email beforehand, setting up the call for a specific time or date, almost as consciously as a conference call.

What do you think?

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1 Response to What is the etiquette for B2B Skype phone calls?

  1. Howard Wolinsky says:

    I am the US blogger for Skype. I enjoyed your blog and shared it at:

    I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

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