How easy is it to set up the Sweetcron Lifestream by Yongfook, part II?

I promised to keep readers of this blog up to speed with Yongfook’s new lifestream programme Sweetcron. The download is obviously working and there are already some pretty cool ones in existence. Vuthy, illustrated below, is already getting bored with using the templates and is doing her own.

So, how am I doing? Despite this blog on wordpress and setting up a site on, the Sweetcron download looked just to difficult. Luckily I was in the San Francisco office of Think where Anthony Adams, the VP of technology, offered to experiment with it for me. By the time I got back from the US, Anthony had very kindly set up the dashboard for me. I set to.

These are the problems

  1. Surprise that Facebook/LinkedIn do not appear to work with it.
  2. I linked in with my channel on (which you cannot do with FriendFeed) and, next thing I knew, every live web cam (250!) has downloaded onto my site. 
  3. How do I remove the entries of Spanish online radio programmes and webcams set onto river views apart from click and confirm each deletion? I have left a message on Yongfook’s google site.
  4. And now the difficult part. I realise that once you have set up the feed, you then need to programme each. Think I need a weekend for that.

So what does it look like so far? Not that great but I am going to keep going! Watch out for part III.

Want to read what I wrote about Sweetcron up to now, click here?

Take a look at how Vuthy updates her Sweetcron, click here.

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4 Responses to How easy is it to set up the Sweetcron Lifestream by Yongfook, part II?

  1. Suda says:

    Any idea how to make it work with feeds atleast? Or we just have to learn codes by heart to use it?

  2. John Welsh says:

    Hi Suda
    I have not got much further with my Sweetcron, to be honest. I might be able to construct this blog with widgets and build a website downloaded from the web. But Sweetcron is one step too far. Why not try the GoogleGroup set up to help –

  3. Suda says:

    Thanks for replying. I tried searching the Google Group you mentioned before I found your post. Anyway, I am also thinking of waiting until Yongfook comes up with more featured version.


  4. Vuthy says:

    Oh the surprises I come across when I check my referrers log! 🙂

    Yes, I got quickly bored with the standard look of Sweetcron and put in much work to change the theme to reflect my style. (It looks much different than the screenshot you have posted.) Plus, I work in web design so it would be rather unprofessional for me NOT to have my own theme.

    I hope you eventually figure out your installation. It’s pretty nice to have everything nice and neat in one spot, and thanks for the shoutout.

    – Vuthy

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