Why not use FriendFeed to live blog – how to live blog an event/part II

Darren ‘Problogger’ Rowse’s recommendation to read WebWorkerDaily’s posting on live blogging comes just as a colleague has done just that on his blog. It gets me thinking.

Why not use FriendFeed to live blog from a conference, for example? In fact, why not use FriendFeed to encourage all attendees – not just speakers and journalists – to live blog?

This is how it might work for an all day conference of around 50 people. Choose groups where people have some digital profiles – Facebook/LinkedIn, at least. 

  • Encourage all participants to sign up to FriendFeed before.
  • Create, what FriendFeed calls a ‘room’.
  • Ensure there is Wifi and plenty of access to power in the room.
  • Project that FriendFeed ‘room’ on to a wall in the coffee/registration areas, blank, at the beginning of the day but for all the faces of the attendees who have done what they have been told – registered with FriendFeed.
  • Remind everyone to bring their laptops, cameras, phones, video cameras – basically anything that they can use.
  • Encourage them to take photos, videos, post blogs, sent Tweets.

And there you have it. Soon the FriendFeed will be filling the screen, not just with one person’s take on the day but of everyone’s take on the day, not just with comments on a blog but also videos, pictures and Tweets. Even more importantly, the feed will survive the event leaving attendees to go back for the detail. Like any good wedding, you only take in 15 per cent of a conference. This way you see complexity and substance in the conference you could not possibly have noticed during it!

Of course you could as easily do this with a Facebook group but what I like about FriendFeed is that it comes without all the clutter of Facebook.

How to live blog an event part I, click here.

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