How to get more traffic to your blog

Two recent postings really pushed up the traffic on my site this week: one pretty logical; the other far from it! 

What has been working? The first trick has been to get a comment on Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch that really worked. His story profiled four interns working on the site over the summer. I pointed that they were all male but also linked to a posting that I had made more than a week before.

I had picked up a Tweet from Arrington that he was interviewing Shira Lazar, an entertainment reporter, for “a writing/video position” on TechCrunch. My posting was picked up immediately and originally by a celebrity news site in the states but nothing else happened.

A week later, and reshaped as a posting suggesting that Arrington’s original Tweet might have been a joke, it provided me with an opportunity for a bit of a rant. Why should an entertainment reporter not report on Twitter or Digg or Facebook when their owners and founders have become something of celebrities themselves. The WordPress Dashboard showed immediately how the traffic jumped from TechCrunch to this blog. I imagine the average age of each visitor to have been 22. 

So I get that – a comment that carefully linked my subject with TechCrunch encouraged traffic to my posting. But another comment by me on commending its new daily broadcast Ledger Live had a similar effect. Just consider this, as of yesterday my most visited posting in one day has been where I, based in the UK, comment on a website in New Jersey. Those people then jump to my site, in the UK, to read what I have to say about a very local broadcast, in the US.  Strange, to say the least, but underlining that however local a site may be, never overlook the global.

What do I draw from this? Of course a blogger needs to focus on search at all times – I can guarantee that the headline to this posting will do just that. But do not just think like a Geek. Think strategically about those comments. Ask yourself, is there a posting that I can rework to make it become part of another blogger’s thought process?.

It is worth the effort. On Tuesday this week, I managed the most views of the site in one day ever. This is doubly good when you consider that I am on annual leave and no longer working through my work email address. It has a link to the blog, as I encourage my colleagues to read this. But it left me unclear as to how much I relied on my work community for my traffic. Now it appears I am definitely interacting with a wider community as well.

Next posting on this subject will cover my experience of “sphinning”, see Friday 8 August.

If you found this posting interesting, why not read “How to get blogs to the top of Google”.

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