A week in and Ledger Live is rocking

Donohue's Tweet

A week since it kicked off, and, on Ledger Live, Brian Donohue shows just how cool a daily ‘cast should Remember the New Jersey paper’s website is using locals and its ace reporter to create “citzen journalism”.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have much to learn on These Digital Times Daily or anyone else looking to develop a daily ‘cast about personality and creativity. But

  • who is ever going to beat the dismembered doll?
  • and note how Donohue uses Twitter to get his message across

Read more about Ledger Live and how Brian Donohue uses Twitter, click here.

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One Response to A week in and Ledger Live is rocking

  1. Jane Risby says:

    I wonder what Ledger Live would have been like in Ludgate Towers on July 1.

    Is that the Mao biography I can see behind you? Very topical following your piece today – as he once said ‘Learn from the masses, and then teach them’!

    Bravo! Choo choo!

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