Digital entrepreneurs rally to Barack Obama



I have already argued that the Digerati, my name for young entrepreneurs such as Digg founder Kevin Rose or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, have begun to develop profiles close to celebrities…

…or, at least, mini-celebrities in their own right in their quest to position their products for a cool young audience, the appointment of Lazar to TechCrunch would provide a voice in tune with cool young things.




And today Philip Delves Broughton writes in London’s Sunday Times that the Digerati plus their wealthy venture capital chums are a key constituent in Barack Obama’s campaign:


These are the financiers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who perceive in him not only a likely winner, from an investment perspective, but also a man whose rise and ideology-lite politics closely mirror their own. They include men like Ken Griffin, the baby-faced, 40-year-old billionaire who runs Citadel Investment Group, one of the largest hedge funds in the US.

Delves Brougton
Delves Broughton

Delves Broughton himself was a leading journalist – Paris desk head for London’s Daily Telegraph. Famously he left to study at the Havard Business School, is experience reviewed in the same week’s issue of the Sunday Times. At first he found it difficult to settle into what author Tom Wolfe would have called a “Master of the Universe”-style job such as a banker, writing a book about the experience first. But, finally, that $175,000 investment seems to have paid off:

After flirting with an idea for a ‘very high end laundry firm’, he’s now setting up a cutting-edge podcast company with a friend. ‘It is a turbulent frontier world, and enormous fun to inhabit, whatever becomes of our venture’

So even Delves Broughton ends up in digital – though he has not yet activated the blog on his site!

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