Images not appearing on WordPress blogs

WordPress appears to be having a problem with images on WordPress blogs. If you can see the images within this posting (!?!?!) you will notice how the image does not appear in my blog – merely a blank space with a small icon.

It is not just my blog with which there is a problem but also other WordPress blogs. Note Scobleizer and Web 2.Oh…really? Both appeared to have similar problems this evening. It is not a problem with platforms either since I have found the same problems on both a Mac and PC.

WordPress has announced 

Notice: Because of an issue with Amazon’s S3 service, some images maybe unavailable for

viewing after upload. We are working on resolving this issue and will update the following forum thread with more information as it is available.

And I have already heard from one blogger with the same problem. So it looks like we are all in this together!

UPDATE: If you are having problems with images not appearing on WordPress blogs, such as Rodney McCarthy, I do not think it can be for the same reason as the above posting. As I said, there was a problem only over one night which was swiftly resolved. This all happened over a month ago. I would get on to WordPress Support about the issue. They are brilliant.

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2 Responses to Images not appearing on WordPress blogs

  1. Sara says:

    thanks for this info, I thought I am the only one who has this problem!

  2. I’m having the same issue. Any updates?

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