Getting my head around Facebook

Here is a photo of my colleague Emily Wright giving me a lesson on Facebook over lunch. Why bother?

I have belonged to the social networking site for around 18 months but had no idea what I was supposed to do as over 22 “friends’ requests” piled up and all this stuff about walls and nudges appeared. Emily showed me how to make sense of such disorder by pointing out the delete button. So why the lesson?

The imperative is clear. No software company is doing itself any favour without a strategy for interaction with Facebook (ie Vivaty, Twitter etc). So I thought I had better get up to speed. I also think that the Facebook application on a blog allows the author to extend into the personal without interrupting the usual flow of postings (see right).

Emily, by the way, uses it to organise events in here social life but finds a lot of the rest of it pretty irritating. She bumped into someway she thought she knew in Hampstead one afternoon and then suddenly realised it was a Facebook friend. “Why have such friends,” she says, “when you don’t mean it”.

Interestingly enough all my “friends” on Facebook are from an earlier professional incarnation in the travel industry. The operators and agents just seem to love all the pictures and fun elements. Meanwhile all my new digital contacts approach me through LinkedIn or Twitter.

So no great breakthrough over lunch. Just an awareness to keep it in my mind.

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