How a blog gets you to the top of Google

Andy Komak, of KoMarketing Associates, an online marketing strategist has had a frustrating afternoon with a client, according to his Twitter.

akomack on call discussing once again why blogging IS a fit for a client. in this case it seems so obvious, but i’m too close to the subject          

akomack it’s definitely time for us to put together a write up (post, article, case study, white paper?) summarizing client success stories 

What about this for a case study. We launched a new website last week – kbb News – and I write about it on this blog yesterday. This afternoon, the posting in the blog is higher in Google than the actual website, see below. The editor’s Twitter and even my own Twitter yesterday extolling the site’s virtue are below the actual site but just add weight to Andy’s argument.

Get blogging, get Twittering, get your blogs registered with every aggregator. The combination powers you to the top of Google. It’s a no-brainer.

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1 Response to How a blog gets you to the top of Google

  1. Andy Komack says:

    Hi John – thanks for the mention in this post!

    I agree 100% that blogging and use of social media to leverage the blog are excellent tactics for B2B marketing.

    Your own case example highlights how this can work for sure.

    I’m glad I started following you on Twitter!

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