I’m impressed by the new kbb news

I’m impressed on by one of our news sites at work. Kbb newsis the content-driven site of a biannual exhibition called kbb (kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms). It does not have a magazine to go with it so the product was always further along the development curve of extending physical, non-publishing products into digital brands.

Grahame Morrison, its editor, has got it spot on. The site looks clean and ordered with horizontal navigation and a two column grid for the main part of the home page. There’s a small nod to the recent BBC iPlayer makeover with the feature boxes down the right hand side. Text is just black on white apart from those feature boxes. So pretty much top marks for design and usability.

But what really excites me about the site is the content and culture. Note the industry headlines displayed on the home page provided by a Twitter feed. Extra news – rather more international – is provided by a PR Newswire feed.There’s “Scrapbook”as well with pictures from the industry and by the editor quickly posted on Flickr. A similar approach is taken with kbb TVwith YouTube videos of corporate videos.

And finally blogs. It is really days for these but I can see them easily hosted on something like wordpress and registered on technorati et al. With a feed back to the site, kbb news would then be firmly integrated into the blogosphere.  A truly Web 3.O B2B site.

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