Rob Enslin’s new 3G iPhone (16G no less!)

Colleague Rob Enslin finally picks up his iPhone at lunchtime.He is particuarly keen to point out that it is 16G. By the way. Rob did not camp out overnight but phoned up the afternoon before and picked it up. He paid £169 for the handset and £35 per month for the rental through O2 and includes 600 call minutes, 500 text messages and unlimited internet connection. Follow his Tweets as he unpacks the object of awe and brings it smoothly into life.

Want to find out what Rob thought of the phone after one week, click here?

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1 Response to Rob Enslin’s new 3G iPhone (16G no less!)

  1. Rob says:

    Finally got home tonight and unpacked it. Firstly, I had to download some iTunes updates on my Mac and reboot. While trying to activate my iPhone I encountered a few hiccups with the connection. Just as I was about to call support I got in and began the process of registering and activation. All is good now and up and running. Kate, my daughter has even been on and had a little play. I think she likes it as much as me? Now off to carry on and check out all those wonderful apps. More pics to follow soon… Rob

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