Blogger v WordPress – part III

So the decision has been taken. The future for my blog is on WordPress. I just cannot fail to feel the powerful links through to the blogosphere via tags and the sheer exuberance of the search optimisation at every level. The reporting structure also drives me wild, know as I do now, that “blogger v wordpress”, UK newspapers and Viewzi encourage traffic. Yesterday my blog had 74, what WordPress calls, “views” – not bad for a 16 day operation. I could just tell that my blogspot blog was getting no traffic..

But….I will always miss the beauty of the blogspot blogs, musing with envy whenever I bump into one. And I cannot wait until WordPress sorts out the ability to put Google ads on our blogs. Though news here, guys, I have just been told to watch this space by someone at WordPress.

Interested in whether to use Blogger or WordPress for you blog, see Blogger versus WordPress – part I and Blogger versus WordPress – part II

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1 Response to Blogger v WordPress – part III

  1. timethief says:

    Blogger initiated advertising is not allowed on blogs – is already running adsense on our blogs and, on the global tag pages and Google allows only one adsense account to run on a blog/website at a time. The only exception is VIP hosted accounts ($600 for set-up and $300. hosting fee per month).

    Although at the very bottom of the feature page it has said for a very long time that there may be a future option to purchase a paod upgrade and have your own Google adsense ads I don’t believe this will come to pass any time soon, if at all. There are over 3 million bloggers and that’s a lot of income into that I’m sure they would be loathe to give up.

    As your are new to wordpress and as I have a blogging tips blog you may want to check it out.

    Best wishes for happy blogging 🙂

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