Two webinars and a virtual fair!

We’ve got two webinars kicking off at work in two days. One is for the call centre industry and the other for security professionals, both run by our suplier On24. They both have really strong editorial content, are to be chaired by editors, boast impressive line-ups of speakers and, most importantly, have attracted an extraordinary number of registrations – at the last count, one had over 700 registrations with many of them coming from abroad. We even make money on them through sponsorship. We have had another webinar confirmed this week and a very strong likelihood of another in the pipeline. It really feels like the beginning of a real webinar business, very much like a typical media company in the US.

Also this week, one of my sister companies ran a two day virtual fair on sustainability. I don’t know how it went but the same part of the company ran a virtual international career fair last week and got over 900 visitors to 150 stands. The lowest number of visitors to any stand was over 100. The interface by inXpo is like a early version of Second Life with some real interactivity, as Chris Albrect also describes it in his NewTeeVee blog. During the opening hours, there is a real sense of people dropping by and interacting.

It is pretty cool stuff that both On24 and inXpo supply. What I have asked from both of them, however, is what their product will look like going forward. Take this blogging software that is so easy and downloadable from the web. I do not think it will be that long before you will be able to download webinar software from the web – sales people doing it on completing the sale, for example. What will suppliers who have developed their stuff five years ago do to meet this challenge?

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1 Response to Two webinars and a virtual fair!

  1. csalomonlee says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for highlighting some of ON24’s benefits. We’ve always highlighted that webcasts can help companies with their programs.

    I do want to highlight that the link to the NewTeeVee blog actually describes ON24’s new Virtual Show Solution and not InXpo.

    As for how the software will look in the future, I think most of our customers prefer us hosting the solution. The benefit is that the company doesn’t have to worry about the streaming of the event, ensuring that nothing goes wrong when you do get 700 people on at one time, etc. Furthermore, those who want to do their own events can do so via our platform.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Cece Salomon-Lee
    Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
    ON24, Inc.

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